Hazel Marigold
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 17
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 5'6
Weight 60-70kg
Magical attributes
Main Power Flower Manipulation
Sub Power Unknown
First Apperance
Thread Deleted



Hazel is a kind and caring girl who has seen her fair share of misfortune throughout her time how ever she has never been in a fight because she has a keen hatred for fighting but will still fight when she is unable to sort things out without violence. Hazel also is really friendly she likes making friends and does so without fail most of the time. She is kind-hearted towards most people but not those who use others for their own gain. she like working in groups as it makes her feel safer but also gives her a means to help other people. Hazel is also very talkative and will talk more than most people.





Flower Manipulation.

Flower growth: Hazel is able to grow any type of flowers from the ground.

Roses: When Hazel controls all kinds of roses she can control the petals and hardens them to cause them to become like small blades.

Sunflowers: When Hazel controls sunflower petals from a sunflower she is able to cause them to flash a blinding light at the enemy.

Yellow Begonia: Hazel when controlling the flowers of the Yellow Begonia is able to paralyze her enemies for a short while.

Lavender: Hazel when controlling lavender makes others around her fall asleep. Camellia: Flowers have the same effect at that of roses.

Poppy: When controlled the flower petals have a rich smell of blood. the poppy’s also have a unique ability to attach themselves upon the enemy and change the enemy own blood into poison. this ability can only be used one a battle.