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Welcome to the wiki. Etheralin is a large fantasy Role play world in the medieval era controlled by the seven kingdoms, However they only control a small portion of the world which will more will be crated as Arc's show up.

History of Etheralin

Etheralin is a old world however humans haven't been living on it for very long, through-out the lands humans have worked together to survive ever so slowly increasing their population, Humans slowly reached a point where they were able to create tools, houses and most importantly a community. This age was called the medieval age, but to the land of Etheralin they called it the age of wonders. They lived in this age for over 100 years, building cities, creating conflicts, Experimenting... shortly after the nearing of a new age a new disaster struck. A large meteorite came crashing down on the world of Etheralin causing all progress to be wiped away cities and communities crushed. however seven known kingdoms stayed standing however they were also not safe from the effects of the meteorite. The meteorite carried with it a dangerous virus with it, infecting those around the globe. Slowly one by one people were dieing however there were a few who survived the virus with their bodies making anti-bodies to combat the virus in their system. Those who lived started to rebuild their kingdoms and start to explore their new world and slowly started to realize that there bodies have also been changed and are able to do unusual things like control fire or control water. mankind shall never be the same. And never discovered how to use firearms and never will.

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The wiki itself = 5%

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