Arata Mizushima
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 178cm
Weight 70kg
Magical attributes
Main Power Electricity Manipulation
Sub Power Unknown
First Apperance
Thread Arriving in Town



Although his looks say otherwise Arata is a caring person but struggles to make friends since if they find out about his powers they start calling him a monster. He thinks highly of bonds between people but will only go along with people who he thinks are good since he doesn't want to become bad. Arata has trouble joking around since he is generally a serious person but if given an opportunity to sit around and relax he would choose to do so. He also likes a good fight so strong opponents excite him but he's not crazy enough to fight someone who he has no chance of defeating.


After his parents died from the virus that was spreading Arata was forced to live alone from a young age as he didn't have contact with the rest of his family who think he is dead. This made him do many jobs just to get some money which let him become more independent to keep going. He tried to make friends in his neighbourhood but the people thought of him as bad luck since his parents had the virus and so turn away from him



Electricity Manipulation - Arata is able to generate electricity from him body which also allows him to cloak his weapons in it to increase his fighting power. He is only beginning to learn about his power so he can't use very high voltages neither can he cloak his whole body in electricity yet but only body parts eg hands or feet. As he learns to control his power he will be able to use higher voltages however even those high voltages won't be as powerful as lightning but enough to cause serious damage.