Ace Belmont
Ace Belmont
Vital statistics
Position Adveturer
Age 18
Status Decessed
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight 75-80kg
Magical attributes
Main Power Flame Enchanting
Sub Power None
First Apperance
Thread Deleted
Ace Belmont was just a normal man who just so happened to be traveling to his death.



Ace Belmont likes to think of himself more then others including when his friends are in trouble, Ace is also very hot-headed when things don't go his way and fail horribly, Ace is very co-operative when it comes to going on adventures when there is something that involves him if it doesn't then he still goes on the adventure but doesn't help in any way for form and just lays down waiting for the fellow team members to do all the work. Ace can be very persuasive as he has played in deals in which would cost him his life if he were to lose. Ace also is a very courageous man however he knows when to be courageous and not to be a fool. Ace is also known to be greedy and dislikes giving things out to people in need as he thinks what is his, is his and is unmerciful towards people who back-stab him and is very stubborn and impatient.




Ace Belmont is able to create flames around any Weapons or clothing that he is touching this is caused by Ace's hot-hotheadedness manifestation into a physical form.

Ace is able to withstand high temperatures which can usual severely burn normal living beings. This also allows him to hold and wear clothing in which he enchanted with fire.

With being able to control flames Ace can basically keep himself warm by enchanting his own body.

Ace is able to enchant his own body to be covered in flames which can slightly boost his strength and speed.